Friday, June 7, 2013

... and so it goes!  They are a sheer delight to have aboard.  I hope you have enjoyed the blog as much as I have enjoyed posting it.  ... and now, I just wanna go on home, plant a flower (I hope it's not to late in the season) and watch it grow!  Love you all.  See you soon!!  Ron, Jean, Gilligan and Bella 
Let me try it this way.
Dumb @#$ -- that fender is INSIDE the boat!!!
Hi!  I'm up!  Come on!  Get me out 'a here!  
Lord?  Why?  Seriously!  Could We talk!  Are you listening at all?  

Gilligan get off the radio!  They do NOT want to do a Dog Overboard Training session

June 7, 2013
. . . and pro-active we became!  The boat is listed with a broker in Annapolis and we will hand deliver her as soon as the weather breaks.  Our plans are to rent a truck from that point and offload a ton of items we had anticipated needing over the next three months, and return home.  Its all good.  Ron and I feel very settled and contented that we have made a good decision in a timely fashion.  Besides ya' can't duplicate a trip like the Great Loop has provided and we will treasure those moments as we look forward to the next adventure in whatever form it may take.
We had some priceless moments with the crew this trip.  I thought you would like to see a few of them.
I'm so seasick I could die!  Wonder if this would put me out!
Let's see?   If I slipped her off the bow while we are underway . . . . Naw, they will probably have a life jacket on the little hair ball.
Hay, I didn't have any accidents today!
Do I HAVE to get up?  Is she gone yet?
Here, I can get that for ya!  Watch me pull

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Great Loop was 10 days short of a year! This trip? Guess there's the extra 10 days!

June 6, 2013
We thought you might like to see a few of the sights from our very brief voyage.  All things considered, both of us felt it was the right decision to return to home port.  It appeared we would be in Cape May for at least 5 days after we arrived.  We'd just spend three days waiting to get out of Blades Marina, from rain and windy conditions.  Even at that, the passage to Tighman Island was 3 - 4 feet waves.  Not unsafe, but not enjoyable either.  Our latest crew member was seasick.  Predictions for this year have not been favorable for the type of journey we had planned.  Both Ron and I feel good about the change in plans and we have valued the time we have had aboard.  We are now totally serious about selling our Dubhe III and have begun the process on a more proactive path.  Up until now, we really didn't care if she sold or not and I guess that was our internal barometer telling us we were not ready to let her go.  This brief journey has given us the joy of having owned her, and resolved within that it is time she moved on.
So we have journeyed three days.  The first day was to Tighman Island where we stayed at Knapps Narrows Marina.  and tonight we are at Delaware City Marina which is located at the end of the C & D canal.  I wish I had not been at the helm the second day because the birds were spectacular and I wanted to take pictures of every one.  Maybe on our way back!!!!
Leaving the Nanticoke River

I did not angle the bow to "get him" while he was up there!  Would I do That?  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Introducing - the newest crew member - This is Bella.  11 weeks old and new to the boating experience! OK, so she's new to LIFE! and such a joy in spite of Gilligan's plans to leave her on some distant shore.
Our current voyage is called The Little Triangle.  It will take us into some new territory as well as enable us to revisit a portion of the trip we did in 2007.  Ron and I wanted to spend a little more time in parts of Canada but we were "chasing the sun" to complete the Great Loop in a timely and safe manner, avoiding hurricane season which we certainly hope to do again this trip!!
We welcome you back aboard and hope to share with you, some of the scenic blessings along the way.  I am learning about a new camera which we hope will enable us to get a little closer to some of the action we tried to capture last time around.  Please continue to e-mail and stay in touch -- The boat is a wonderful seaworthy vessel but it is truly our network of family and friends that keep us afloat!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We have crossed our Wake!

Tonight we are in Liberty Landing, Jersey City. If I look to our stern, I can see Lady Liberty and to our starboard is the Manhattan Skyline. This evening should be beautiful with all the lights and excitement. Ron, Gilligan and I would like to thank you for being a part of our journey and for all the support we've received along the way. It has been a trip of a lifetime and we are glad we did it and glad it's ended. Now to plant a flower and watch it grow! There was a ceramic plaque in our pilot house area. It reads: "Lord, keep your arm around my shouldner and your hand over my mouth." We give thanks and praise to our loving Father for his guidance and protection along the way. We look forward to where He will lead us next!